The Next US President: An Educator/Uniter

Despite my litany of posts defending former AK Governor Sarah Palin, I have not made up my mind on who I will support for president in 2012. I like Palin (I’m probably leaning towards her unless she announces she’s not running), as I like Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich (with Newt it’s more as a thinker than a president, I think)

But here’s what I’m looking for in the next president: Obviously as a libertarian/conservative/classic liberal, I am looking for a Constitutional conservative who understands the boundaries the federal government has in it’s dealings with it’s citizens. Someone who understands that the Constitution starts with the words “We the People…” that it’s a charter of the American people to US government and not the other way around. I want a president that respects the civil liberties of it’s people and the private sector.

But I’m also looking for someone who is passionate about the ideals of free markets and western capitalism, someone who is able to educate the American people on its importance to the world. The next president has to be passionate about America’s leadership in the world. I am talking about someone willing to stand up to the left across the earth and defend free markets. Laissez-Faire Liberals around the globe are looking for America to show leadership because America has traditionally been the beacon of these ideals.

And as often as we mock those who call themselves “uniters”, we really need someone who can unite our country. I am not talking about appeasing the hard left, I am talking about a person who is able to educate the American people on our ideals and bring those who are “independents” and “moderates” to an understanding of their importance. But most of all, this person must have a positive vision for the future of America. We need to be honest about the trajectory the Obama Administration has us on (and it’s a dire one), but we need to remain up-beat That is how you bring “independents” and “moderates” over, they may not agree with everything we’re saying, but they appreciate the positive view of the future.

The campaign for 2012 for the GOP should be a variation of “the best is yet to come” Like Obama’s 2008 campaign, it’s a positive message, but unlike Obama’s campaign, it’s proclamation and promises aren’t empty. We really do believe America’s best days are ahead and the solutions we offer will make for a brighter future!


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